Women's Auxiliary

Inspiration Hills Women's Auxiliary was organized in 1975 for the purpose of promoting and supporting the work of the camp-retreat center through prayers, gifts, advertising, promotion, and fund raising. They ended their service to the camp in 2018. 

          History of the women's Auxiliary:

1972-A  meeting was held to investigate the possibility of a Reformed Church Camp.

1973-Permission was given by the four classes to incorporate the Midwest Reformed Church Camp.
1974-All four classes approved a $2.75 asking from each active communicant member.
The first Labor Day celebration was held in dedication of the Main Lodge and eventually opened in October.
The first Camp Manager was hired.
Summer Camp started up by a Summer Camp Committee, which was appointed by the four classes.
Summer Camp was run by volunteer counselors and directors.
The Board established rental fees, a statement of faith, a purpose statement and rental policies.
The recreation courts and ball diamonds were put in.
The Women’s Auxiliary was established.
The house for the camp manager was built.
A contest was held to name the camp, “Inspiration Hills” was chosen and a camp logo was designed!
1978-Askings from the churches was raised by the four classes from $2.75 to $5 per active communicant.
1979-The pole building was constructed to house equipment.
1980-The swimming pool was constructed with the help of fundraising from the Women’s Auxiliary!
Money that was taken in from the $5 asking from active communicant members, classis organizations and personal gifts totaled $80,600!
The Ladies Auxiliary raised $64,400 of the total

  Statistics of the Ladies Auxiliary

Starting in 1976 the average of the first 5 years of record keeping was $11,682.79
The average of the last 5 years 2014-Nov. 2018 was $13,227.59
The average of those 10 years  is $12,455.19
40 years of having the Ladies Auxiliary is $498,207.60

Some of the Projects Funded by the Womens Auxiliary of Inspiration Hills

  • Draperies for the meeting rooms and dorms
  • Furniture for the Family Room
  • Furniture for the private rooms
  • Carpet for the private rooms and Family Room
  • Meat slicer for the kitchen
  • Swimming pool
  • Shelter for the camp ground
  • Playground equipment for the campground
  • Trees and shrubs for the campground
  • Tents for the Wilderness Camp
  • Dishes for the Dining Hall
  • Elevator
  • Roof replacement
  • Lift Chair for Private Rooms
  • New 2013 sign at entrance
  • Stove and Refrigerator for the Kitchen
  • Remodeling of the entryway and carpet
  • Private room Air Conditioning
  • Laptop computer
  • Data projector
  • Remodeling of Family Room
  • Electronic Keyboard
  • Bistro tables & chairs
  • New playground area across from swimming pool
  • New kitchen, dining room, and living room flooring in House #2
  • New paint in kitchen, dining room and living room in House #2
  • Swings and soccer goals
..We are to grow up in every way into Him who is the head, into Christ, from whom the whole body, joined and knit together makes bodily growth and up-builds itself in love. Ephesians 4:15-16
The Inspiration Hills Ladies Auxiliary have conclude their work at the end of 2018. They have been a mainstay of the camp, and over the years have provided support for numerous projects: the groundbreaking of the pool, summer camp activities & sporting equipment, building upgrades, playground equipment & everlasting friendships.
Their greatest accomplishment is supporting us in creating a place for people to come to know & grow in Christ and be challenged for life in God’s Kingdom. 

Thank you for all your years of service and building the Kingdom of God! Thank you!