Thanksgiving Blessings

Dear Friends, 

Inspiration Hills has been around for 48 years doing summer camps and providing a retreat location. Through God’s faithfulness and care, so many lives have been touched throughout those many years. If we could rewind all of that time, we could hear and see the lives that have been impacted for the sake of knowing Christ as their Savior. Maybe you were one of those lives. Can you reflect back to your camp experience and be reminded of how God spoke to you in this place? Maybe it wasn’t here, maybe it was another location. Whatever it was, praise be to God for His work in your life!

One parent this summer shared with us, “my favorite part about camp is that my children have a chance to unplug from technology and learn more about who God is and discover His plan for their lives.”

Camp is a place of learning, discovering, and growing in Christ. Our mission and prayer remains to be for people to know and grow in Christ so that they may be challenged for life in God’s kingdom. This mission reaches to our summer camps and gives to each season at Inspiration Hills.

This Thanksgiving, our desire is to continue to provide a space for ministry moments and, as some of us know, that happens through talking at the dinner table. Over the years at Inspiration Hills, we love to serve “family style” at our meals. Meaning, you rarely go through a buffet, but instead we serve platters of food on each table to enjoy and share among themselves.

During those meal times, we regain the art of family meals and discussions over a delicious plate of food. In order to continue serving these meals, we must replace our Fire Suppression System to be up to code and provide a safe environment for our kitchen staff. WE NEED TO RAISE $75,000 BY DECEMBER 20 TO COMPLETE OUR FUNDING GOAL. RIGHT NOW, WE HAVE $35,000 RAISED, BUT ADDITIONAL FUNDS ARE NEEDED. We are beginning the project with the funds we have, but we don’t want to stop.

Join us for the around the table ministry moments by donating to the kitchen, and as the summer camp parent reflected on, allow us to continue giving a space for kids (and guests) to unplug and meet Christ during their time on property regardless if that is at the table or out in nature. 

Give a gift that keeps us cooking!

If we can receive a gift of $250 from 160 supporters, that will help us reach our goal of $40,000 for the Fire Suppression System.

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