Single Mom's Retreat

February 4 I 5 I 6

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- Due to a generous donor, registration fee is subsidized at a lower cost for this event. -

Join Atlas and Inspiration Hills for the Single Mom's Retreat! This weekend includes stories, bible teaching, speakers, pampering time, discussions, mentoring, delicious food and a place to connect with people in a similar walk of life!

Our Promise to you:

  1. We promise to support and provide you a weekend you need.
  2. We promise to provide you a safe environment to share and grow in.
  3. Most importantly, we promise to share Jesus' love with you and encourage you in your relationship with Him. 

We will provide:

  1. ENCOURAGEMENT: In walking though life and growing in faith.
  2. EQUIPPING: Providing biblical truth, practical tools and ideas to help you work through with daily life. 
  3. ENFOLDING: Help develop a community of fellowship and support.


Bless a single mom by sending her to this retreat or become a part of the support team.

Being a part of the support team means you can either serve as prayer team or as a table leader:
  • Prayer Team: you are behind the scene bringing prayer and acts of kindness to mothers. You will be available to the mothers to be prayed for during the week at any time.
  •  Table Leader: You are in charge of a group of single moms at a table. You  are there for support and encouragement. You will guide them through the schedule and be there to facilitate conversation.
        Mandatory training will be held on Sunday, Jan. 30 at 2 - 4:30 pm

Registration Options
There are three different options to choose from when you register! 

  • Dorm Room - $15
    • Large room with bunk beds and shared bathroom/shower area. You will need to take bedding, pillow, and towels along. Space is limited to allow for social distancing. 

  • Shared Private Room - $30
    • Bedding and towels are provided. Roommate(s) required and must agree to room together prior to retreat.

  • Single Private Room - $50
    • Single room with private bathroom and shower. It is either 2 queen beds, 1 queen & bunk, or 2-3 bunk beds. Bedding and Towels are provided. 

Hear what others are saying about our Single Mom's Retreat!

"God is awesome! It is so cool so see God working, blessing us, seeing others & myself grow. Thank you! This encouraged me to help others and want to minister to others & continue on the blessings of letting God's word and ministry spread. Such a great weekend where I feel loved & chosen by God!"
~ Single Mom's Retreat Attendee

"I never knew that I needed this until I came here. I can't express the strength this has given me to keep going. Thank you."
~ Single Mom's Retreat Attendee

I attended the single mom's retreat. I got divorced last year and I saw the event on Facebook and thought I should go, but didn't want to! I signed up reluctantly and told my family I was going. My Churches, my friends, and everyone in my life except for my family has left me. I felt unforgiven, unloved, alone, and deeply hurt. I tried to ignore God prompting me to go, but finally made myself go thinking I could fake getting sick if it was awful! I felt uncomfortable, but God knew I needed to go. I met two women who became my friends and we shared our stories. I'm not alone. I'm not unforgivable. I am not unlovable even when people do that poorly. I knew these things but they came to light this weekend and I feel a burden lifted from me. I am a daughter of the King, saved by grace and I don't need to sit in a prison cell with the door open. I can walk out and be happy and forgiven. Thank you for all you did for us. You gave so much and I am so very thankful! I was blessed and you showed love when not many have! Thank you!
Single Mom's Retreat Attendee