General  Information

Ways to Register:

  • Online Registration Coming February 1st, 2020!
  • $10.00 processing fee per camper applies for all paper registrations (coming Feb. 1st)
    You may mail, fax, email or drop off paper registrations, however, the $10.00 processing fee still applies for each camper. You may register online with no processing fee. Online registrations are encouraged!

Registration Musts:

  • Minimum payment of $75.00 is required for each camper to register and hold their spot
  • Please indicate only ONE bunkmate


Many churches help with a scholarship for your camper. Please indicate the amount of the church scholarship on the registration form. Please contact your church if you do not know the correct amount. Scholarship amounts DO NOT include canteen money or other fees unless otherwise indicated from your church or organization.

Inspiration Hills offers scholarships for campers in need of assistance. Scholarships must be applied for by using the Scholarship Application Form by April 15th. Scholarships typically do not exceed 1/3 of the total camp fee. We do not want finances to be what prevents a child from attending camp. Please fill out the Scholarship Application Form completely and submit it within 3 days of your online registration.  Scholarship Applications may be found by Clicking Here! You may download and print or email the application. Email address: Photos of filled out forms will NOT be accepted!


Inspiration Hills Camp accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, Checks and Cash. There will be a $10.00 processing fee per camper when registering with paper registrations. All accounts must be paid in full by May 15th. 


After registering online you will receive an email confirming that you have registered your camper(s). Parents are responsible to make sure they have registered their camper(s) for the correct date and camp. You may log in anytime to your online account and check camp dates, amounts due, and canteen money.

Cancellation Policy

The $75.00 minimum registration fee, non-refundable, will hold your camper(s) spot until May 15th, then payment is due in full. After May 15th, each registered camper that cancels will be subject to a $125.00 Administration Fee and only partial refunds will be given. If your child is sick within 2 weeks of or during camp, partial refunds will be given minus the $125.00 Administration Fee. If Inspiration Hills is required to cancel any camp, full refunds will be given. 

What to Bring: 

Information can be found under Summer Camp/What To Bring. The list can be Downloaded and Printed. This form includes time/date of registration and final chapel for the specific camps. 

Please, no electronics or phones while at camp.


Canoeing is included in the registration price for 4th-6th Grade camps. Campers are asked to sign up to canoe on the Tuesday they are at camp. Please speak with your camper prior to him/her attending their week of camp about signing up for canoeing.

Canteen Money

Snacks and Souvenirs can be purchased during camp. Our Staff attempts to have the "Canteen" open each day for purchases. We suggest $10-$25 for week long camps and $8-$15 for 3 day camps. Think generously! Unspent money on your child's canteen money will be used for Camper Scholarships. Please tell your camper(s) their amount of money for their time at camp. Please remind them to use it during free time. Canteen money will be listed for the camper at the Canteen under the campers name.

You can add canteen money at the time of registering, or you can add it the day of drop off with your camper.  Campers are allowed to have cash on them while at camp, but not recommended and encouraged for them to deposit into their canteen account.

Dress Code: 

Modest clothes without offensive wording and modest swimsuits (one piece for girls and swimming trunks for boys) are required. Swimmers with 2 piece swimsuits will be asked to wear a shirt over swimsuit if needed.

Camper Mail: 

Letters, postcards & emails are encouraged to campers! You may send them in the mail or drop them off at the registration table. 

  • Place Name of Camper, Camp, and day of week you would like the camper to receive it on the envelope.
  • Email notes of encouragement & letters to with the campers name and camp.

Phone Calls: 

We discourage phone calls during the camper's time at Inspiration Hills as it may encourage homesickness. If Mom or Dad needs to be called, we will contact you. For emergencies, please call the camp office at 712-986-5193. Please do not send cell phones or other electronics with your camper; all cell phones and electronics will be stored in the camp office until final chapel time. 


All medications for campers 18 & under, whether prescription or non-prescription, must be turned into the camp nurse at registration. Please clearly write down the campers name, medication name, dosage and frequency of times taken. Medications will be distributed under supervision of the camp nurse as instructed by parent or physician. 

Registration Day:

  • 2:00 pm is the start time for registration day
    (Excludes Day Camps and Family Camp & camps starting on Wednesday)

  • Please refer to the "What to Bring" form for your camp's day/time of registration and bus stops (if applicable)
  • Please do not arrive before 2:00 pm on the day of registration
  • Mail for campers can be dropped off at the registration table
  • For more details about your camp, go to your "What to Bring" form
Final Chapel/Pick-up Day:
  • Family is invited and encouraged to attend final chapels and meal at noon
    (RSVP by calling the office at 712-986-5193 three days prior to meal date)

  • Please refer to your campers "What to Bring" form for more detailed information about pick up times
  • Final chapel starts at 1:00 pm Friday for all camps, with the exception of camps ending on Wednesday where Final Chapel starts at 1:00 pm. 
  • Final Chapel runs for approximately 30-45 minutes.