Challenge Course

An exciting program... the challenge course is a series of strategically placed elements varying from 1 to 40 feet in height, each element inviting participants as groups and individuals to challenge their potential.

Take the challenge... People of all ages, physical ability, and educational backgrounds can take the challenge and reap the benefits of a program that is designed to:

  1. Enhance group decision making and teamwork.
  2. Initiate group and individual goal setting.
  3. Develop critical thinking skills.
  4. Increase creative problem solving abilities.
  5. Build confidence, self-esteem and trust.
  6. Promote respect for individual differences.
  7. Develop leadership abilities.
  8. Discover strengths, talents and resourcefulness.

Following each element the group is given the opportunity to process and discuss the challenges they have just faced. By doing so the group recognizes and identifies skill, emotions and potentials experienced.

As a result... participants discover new aspects of themselves and the people they interact with. Each group has specific goals designed by the participants to produce lasting results in personal effectiveness and group/team development. With the challenge course people don't just talk about working together.... they experience it!

A new elements called "Raider Bridge" and the Zip Line was installed Spring 2015. This element really stretches individuals. So, come and use the Challenge Course to find out what it is all about.

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Challenge Course Is Open April 15 to October 15

The Challenge Course is now open during the Winter months for indoor initiatives only!


Two Hour - $20 per person (time can vary during the day) The two hour session will include group building activities to develop community within the group.

Half Day - $30 per person (8-12 am or 1-5 pm)includes the low ropes first and then the high rope elements during the second half, depending on group size.

Full Day - $45 per person (8 am to 4:30 pm with a 1/2 hour lunch break) includes the low ropes first and then the high rope elements during the second half.

Sack lunches can be purchased for $7.50 each person.
Water is always provided.

To book your Group

Call us at 866-858-3265. The course is available Monday through Saturday for a full day, a half day, a two hour session or multiple days. All persons participating must have signed release form. If you need the necessary release form, click here.

Challeng Course obstical

challenge course bridge

Walking the bridge on the challenge course