Youth Leaders Retreat

October 26th-27th

Theme: "Art of Encouragement" 


If you are working with youth of the church, this is a retreat for you! Youth Pastors/ Directors, Volunteers, Pastors, Elders, etc are welcomed! This year's speakers are  Dave and Rennie Garda

Dave and Rennie serve as disciplemaking missionaries called to help churches and families understand and live disciplemaking friendships. As a couple, they minister to implement disciplemaking learning communitieis with leaders, disciplemakers and families. Dave and Rennie are directly involved with developing training tools and those who multiply disciplemaking as they model, teach, train, coach, and mentor leaders and teams globally. 


3-4 people per Private Room - $65
2 people per Private Room - $80
Single Private Room - $100

Rooms are located in Eaglecrest Lodge. Bedding & Towels are provided for. Room options are 2 queen beds or 1 queen bed with bunk bed. 

Register HERE!



3pm - Check in for Paid Youth Staff
4pm - Session
5:30pm - Dinner
7:00pm- Check in for Volunteer Youth Staff and all other staff
7:30pm - Session 1
9pm - Praise & Worship

7-8am - Personal Devotions time with Coffee
8:30am - Breakfast
9am - Praise & Worship
9:30am - Session 2
12pm - Lunch
1:30 - Session 3
3pm - Activity
5:30pm - Dinner
6:15pm- Closing
7:30pm - Departures

Packing List:
- Bible
- Journal
- Tied Shoes
- Casual Clothes