Tubing Hill Staff



The Tubing Hill Staff will facilitate the operation of the tubing hill in a safe and congenial manner so that guests can enjoy an adventurous activity and encourage Christian fellowship.

 Tubing Hill Duties:

1.     Attend a staff orientation session at the beginning of the season

2.    Know and understand all safety systems and procedures

3.    Arrive at least ½ hour before opening to have equipment, supplies, and staff prepared

4.    Pick up the duffle bag with equipment from the lodge

5.    Start and maintain the fireplace

6.    Check tubes for appropriate firmness, etc. (this may require additional air)

7.    Ensure that the equipment is ready and check the “kill switch”.

8.    Set the “Rules” sign out

9.    Supervise and assign staff for an “on time” start and vary station assignments

10. Welcome Guests with a smile and enthusiasm

11. Ensure that all participants sign the Release forms

12. Collect all necessary forms and Monies

13. Enforce all posted rules and carry out policies and procedures

14. Thank guests for coming

15. Shut down and put away equipment and supplies


Our tubing hill is open Friday from 6-9 PM and Saturday from 1:30-4:30 PM. The tubing hill is also open for private parties to have at a chosen time determined between the party and Inspiration Hills. 

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