SUmmer Volunteer Options

Volunteer Chaplain 

  • The chaplain's primary responsibility is to serve as pastor/teacher for a week of summer camp. Week and age group depends on chaplains preference and availability. Ministering to the children is mainly done through chapel times, small group leadership, one on one counseling and various activities. Room and Board are provided for during the week long camp. Chaplains may also invite one or two family members to stay with them during the week.

Volunteer Nurse 

  • The volunteer nurse's main responsibility is to supervise camp health and safety issues, dispense medication, and tent to camper health needs during a given week. Room and board is provided for the nurse during the week they volunteer. Anyone who has an Rn/LPN or EMT licence is eligible to volunteer. 

VOlunteer Counselor

  • volunteer counselors are responsible for the well being of 8-10 campers during the week their week. The main responsibilities include leading bible studies, games, getting to know their campers and showing them the love of Christ.

To apply, please fill out our 

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