Single Dads Retreat

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"David: What is your Goliath?"

Join us for our Single Dad's Retreat as we focus on the theme of "David: What is your Goliath?" 

Throughout this retreat we will focus on loneliness, simple cooking, addictions, finances & child discipline! In today's world it's easy to bend to the culture & its demands; come join others who want to "face" their giants. 

Don't worry, there will also be time for games, movies, hiking and trap shooting!

      Do you want to help out this weekend? 

We are looking for people to be on the support team during our Single Dad's Retreat! We are in need of Table Leaders who will specifically lead the table during the sessions with guided questions to help the retreat flow smoothly. 

Fill out the application with a $50 fee to cover housing and meals!


8:30-9:30 AM - Registration/Move in
9:30 AM - Welcome & Praise
10-11:30 AM - Ice Breakers/Session 1 - Loneliness
12:00 PM - Lunch
1-4:30 PM - Activity Time
4:45 PM Session 2 - Cooking
7 PM - Free time/games/movie

8:30 AM - Breakfast
9:15 AM - Worship
9:30 AM - Session 3 - Addiction
10:30 AM - Break
10:45 AM -  Session 4 - Personal Finance
11:30 AM - Break to pack up
12 PM - Lunch
1 PM - Worship/Session 5 - Child Discipline
2:30 PM - Evaluations & Departures