Scholarship Fund

We need support each year for campers who come from families who are financially stressed. The churches are very helpful, but there are times when that is not enough. We also provide a camp for children at risk who only pay a very minimal amount and the balance is provided by scholarships. That camp alone requires over $10,000/year to support. Your support is appreciated click here

Help us share Christ with any child that wants to learn about God's saving grace.

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Journey camp scholarship fund

Once again we have a wonderful summer staff who will be sharing the love of Jesus with our campers.  We have invited them to a challenge of raising scholarship funds for our Journey Camp which is for at-risk children.  That camp begins on July 16 and we are anticipating over 60 children coming to that camp.  We only charge those families $15 per child to come to camp.  The balance needs to be paid through our scholarship fund.  You can read more about it under our Support page.  You can also make a donation there. 

Inspiration Hills Camp and Retreat Center has intentionally developed a Christian week-long camp for at-risk children called Journey Camp.  The National Research Council’s Panel on high-risk youth cites that 7 million young Americans – roughly 25% of the young people between the ages of 10 and 17-years-old – are at-risk of failing to achieve productive adult lives. Inspiration Hills recognized the need in our own area and decided to be part of the solution. We are committed to providing these young people with real experiences and practical tools, along with helping them imagine a bright future. In other words, we seek to offer them hope for their future. Through Christian love and care, we provide them with a safe environment and young adult mentors to model and teach positive choices, demonstrate love, and encourage personal growth.
A majority of the children that come to camp are referred to us by partner organizations.  Referrals are based on financial need as well as the presence of factors that put them at risk of developing unhealthy, life-controlling problems that may inhibit them from achieving a productive adult life. These young people will have experienced some or all the following: alcoholism or illegal drug use in their home; physical, emotional, or sexual abuse; poverty; emotional or physical neglect. They may be functioning poorly in school, have a high truancy record, or have personal problems such as depression, persistent lying, inner rage, a lack of empathy for others, or preoccupation with violence. In order to help them overcome these hardships and achieve a productive life, we seek out children in the 4th through 9th grades because we want to intervene early in their lives at a pivotal time, and continue to re-enforce positive practices as they enter adolescence.  

During their week-long camp, the campers will engage in a series of educational initiatives. Our staff use the initiatives to promote teamwork, problem solving, communication, and leadership development. The initiatives present a concrete challenge which is debriefed once completed to apply the lessons learned to their current situations. They also are part of a peer group that builds relationships they can draw on during future difficulties.

We increase the staff-to-camper ratio during Journey Camp, in order to ensure that each camper will receive quality friendships, mentoring, and modeling of positive patterns during their stay at camp. The campers participate in Bible studies designed to teach morals and expose them to God’s love for them. Also, we plan unstructured, fun activities which include hiking, disc golf, swimming and a variety of games.

During the final day at camp, we see the positive impact that Journey Camp has on the lives of the children who attended. When the campers arrive at Inspiration Hills, they are naturally hesitant and nervous to be in a new environment with new people; however, by the end of the week, many tears are shed and hugs are given as the campers and staff appreciate the experiences shared at camp, wishing it did not have to end. Journey Campers leave camp with a renewed hope for their future. Many Journey Campers continue to return year after year to experience God’s love and lasting friendships.

This summer we are anticipating we will serve 60 at-risk youth, grades 4th-9th.  Each camper is asked to pay $15 for the week.  The balance of the cost for the week at camp is covered by donations.  

Your gift will help an at-risk child attend camp!