Saddle Up

Level 1A - June 10th-14th

Level 2A - June 17th-21st

Level 3A - June 24th-28th

Level 1B - July 8th-12th

Level 2B - July 22nd-26th

Level 4 - July 29th-August 2nd

Campers entering grades 4th-9th

Yee Haw! C'mon out to the Saddle Up homestead with your bunk wagons for your lodging. At Saddle Up you will learn to respect and ride horses, and use your experiences to grow in your relationship with God. Saddle Up is designed to provide you with instruction in horsemanship, along with Biblical instruction, and a great camp experience. You will explore the camp theme, attend chapels, enjoy the pool, low ropes course, and more! Some meals at our Main Lodge with majority of meals prepared over the fire at Saddle Up. Enjoy waking up to the smell of bacon cooking over the fire right outside your Bunk Wagons!

Level 1: Riders learn basic horsemanship in our arena. Enjoy activities which improve your riding abilities of balance and control of your horse. You will be riding with confidence in no time! Each camper will be assisted in their riding process with a Saddle Up Horse Helper (1:1 ratio). At the end of your week you will become a grooming, mounting, and stop & go master with your horse!

No experience necessary!

Level 2: Riders continue in arena lessons with faster paced activities. Grooming and horse anatomy are important lessons this week as you broaden your knowledge of horses. Every two campers will have a Saddle Up Horse Helper (2:1 ratio) to assist them in their learning process. At the end of the week you will be an excellent neck reiner, groom expert, and horse anatomy pro!

Prior horse experience needed: Level 1 completed or more than one year of lessons/4-H horse club completed

Level 3: You are growing and learning as you understand the equipment and management of taking care of a horse. Your horse is counting on you this week to take care of it. You will ride around the trails and enjoy the scenery as you escape in the hills. Horse experience required as you are taking care of your horse. You will become a tacking pro, trail ready, and feed expert!

Prior horse experience needed: Level 2 completed or more than two years of lessons/4-H horse club completed

Level 4: Blazing on a new trail! You will experience an out trip to the Newton Hills Trails for the week with camping and riding. C'mon with the crew and Saddle Up for the trip to Cowboy up! Advanced horse experience required as you are handling your horse in some new terrain. You will be a riding pro, handy helper, and expert on horse management!

Prior horse experience needed: Level 3 completed or three years of lessons/4-H horse club completed
                            Check the what to Bring to Camp page!

***For those wishing to attend Level 2, 3 or 4, please call the camp office at 712-986-5193 to assure proper placement before you register. There is a maximum of 12 campers per week. Note: Registration on the day you arrive for camp will be held at the Main Lodge.