Kitchen Cooks

Position Summary: The Kitchen Cooks work on little supervision. They are responsible to follow set menus and take charge of the kitchen during meal times.Cooks are required to prepare meals,clean up from meals and prep for upcoming meals or snacks.

Prior kitchen knowledge required!

We are looking to fill positions for mornings, early afternoon and early evening meal times.

Please fill out application and mail in or drop off at Inspiration Hills.

Kitchen Helpers

Position Summary: Helpers assist in many different areas in 
the kitchen and dinging hall. Their responsibilities vary 
depending on the meal or snack being served. They report to 
the Kitchen Cook at the time of each meal to be assigned job 

Various Duties:
  • Setting tables in Dining Hall
  • Clearing and washing dishes after each meal
  • Light Prep for Kitchen Cook
  • Assembling Sack Lunches
  • Operating our dishwashing machine
  • Sweeping/Mopping
  • Washing of Large Pans and Cookware

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