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"Inspiration Hills Mission Statement: Inspiration Hills will provide an environment in which the individual will come to know and grow in Christ and be challenged for life in God's kingdom"

Tubing Hill Staff 

Position Summary: 

The Tubing Hill Staff will facilitate the operation of the tubing hill in a safe and congenial manner so that guests can enjoy an adventurous activity and encourage Christian fellowship.



      ·        Christian person actively pursuing personal growth, good character, and integrity

·        Willingness to work under the direction of Buildings and Grounds Supervisor & Program Director

·        Serve with other staff in a conscientious and harmonious manner

·        Ability to work under varying weather conditions

·        Willingness to coach and if necessary discipline guests as needed

·        Willingness to rotate in various areas as needed

·        Display enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience, and self control to enable guests to have a positive experience

Tubing Hill Duties: 

1.     Attend a staff orientation session at the beginning of the season

2.    Know and understand all safety systems and procedures

3.    Arrive at least ½ hour before opening to have equipment, supplies, and staff prepared

4.    Pick up the duffle bag with equipment from the lodge

5.    Start and maintain the fireplace

6.    Check tubes for appropriate firmness, etc  (this may require additional air)

7.    Ensure that the equipment is ready and check the “kill switch”.

8.    Set the “Rules” sign out

9.    Supervise and assign staff for an “on time” start and vary station assignments

10. Welcome Guests with a smile and enthusiasm

11. Ensure that all participants sign the Release forms

12. Collect all necessary forms and Monies

13. Enforce all posted rules and carry out policies and procedures

14. Thank guests for coming

15. Shut down and put away equipment and supplies

Download job application. 


Summer Staff Counselors/ Coordinators

Check out positions HERE

STep 1: APplication


2018 Application processing starts Jan. 1st




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Kitchen Cooks

Position Summary: The Kitchen Cooks work on little supervision. They are responsible to follow set menus and take charge of the kitchen during meal times.Cooks are required to prepare meals,clean up from meals and prep for upcoming meals or snacks.

Prior kitchen knowledge required!

We are looking to fill positions for mornings,early afternoon and early evening meal times.

Please fill out application and mail in or drop off at Inspiration Hills.
Download job application.

Kitchen Helpers

Position Summary: Helpers assist in many different areas in the kitchen and dinging hall. Their responsibilities vary depending on the meal or snack being served. They report to the Kitchen Cook at the time of each meal to be assigned job duties.

Various Duties:
  • Setting tables in Dining Hall
  • Clearing and washing dishes after each meal
  • Light Prep for Kitchen Cook
  • Assembling Sack Lunches
  • Operating our BART dishwashing machine
  • Sweeping/Mopping
  • Washing of Large Pans and Cookware

Download job application.

Summer Lawn Mowers

Inspiration Hills is looking to fill our summer lawn mower positions. Daytime Hours/NO Weekends!

30 Hours each week depending on needs of grass.

Lawn Mowers work with the Buildings & Grounds Crew on a daily basis to keep the grounds looking fresh and welcoming!Must be at least 16 yrs of age by June 1st to apply.
Download job application.


Inspiration Hills is looking to fill lifeguard positions during the months of June-September 1st for our outdoor swimming pool.
Assist around camp where needed; Lifeguard at the Pool, Slip-N-Slide and other various activities. NO experience necessary, applicant must be 15 years old by May 15th and pass lifeguard certification.

Days & Hours are flexible!

Please fill out application and mail in or drop off at Inspiration Hills.

Download job application.

Volunteer Positions

A variety of helpful tasks are provided by volunteers:

For office type opportunities, contact Jenny
For buildings and grounds type opportunities contact Terry
Volunteer Summer Camp Positions Contact Kristi Palsma for all summer camp Chaplain, Nurse and Counseling opportunities

For a Volunteer application click HERE.

We also feature a volunteer dayin May, when a host of volunteers come to do a wide variety of jobs. Let us know you're coming by calling 712-986-5193.

Why work at Inspiration Hills?

As Volunteer or Staff member at Inspiration Hills you will have  the opportunity to share God's love with campers & guests. You will see  God's hand move in the lives of individuals as He uses you. You will be  challenged in your own walk with Christ. You will experience a close knit  Christian community and develop friends for life. In the midst of all that you  will have more fun than you can imagine.