It Takes A Village

Tuesday April 10th

"Let's Get Real...the Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful of Foster Care and Adoption"

This is a FREE event open to the public!  We will provide a buffet style dinner that will be open from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm with a freewill offering for the meal.

An open forum panel discussion will run from 6:00 pm to 7:30 pm where we look forward to a dialogue that will inform, educate, and more importantly, encourage!  To accommodate busy families, we welcome all to join us when they are able and please feel free to leaved when needed.

Our panel members have been actively engaged in foster care and/or adoption and are ready to answer questions and provide encouragement for those who are considering or are already in the trenches of foster care and/or adoption. This is a great opportunity to find a support system of people who truly understand and are ready to get real!  As a community, it's a great way to learn more about the realities of families engaged in this ministry and how to be a village of support for them.

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**Limited childcare Available with trained staff during the event.**

    Meet your Panel!

Anji Thompson

Anji is a stepmom of 4, biological mom to 3 and a foster mom to 1. She has had grandchildren in DSS care, so she also has a family member perspective. She works 40+ hours a week and still is actively involved in her grown children's activities as well as some of her previous foster children's activities.

Tessa Curry

Tessa has been a foster parent for 2 years and she primarily takes teens. She is 26 years old, not married with no "birth children," which puts her in a very small group of foster parents. She has had 8 kids come in and out of her home in the 2 years she has been a foster parent. She has had children go back with their birth parents, she has had children go to a facility, and she has had the tribe step in as well and send the kids home. She currently has 4  children, with 3 of them in the adoption process.

Cathi Jo McGee

Cathi is an active member of the foster care community as a foster parent, and as a parent mentor for birth parents who have lost their children to DHS and to other foster parents. Over the last 16 years, she has had the great joy of bringing dozens of children of abuse and neglect into her home as a foster parent and has adopted five children out of foster care making her a proud mother of nine, as she continues to foster others' children. 

Krista Buchholz

Krista is a 38-year old single foster mom who has no biological children  but has adopted through the foster system and is actively looking to adopt more. She takes in medically fragile infants as fosters (as well as others). She has been fostering since 2013 and has had 10 kids in her care over that time as placements, many more as respite. She is on the East River Foster Parent Group Board and co-runs the Foster Closet in Sioux Falls.

Alisha De Haan

Alisha is a 34-year old married foster parent of almost 8 years. She has taken in newborn through 18 years old with a variety of behavioral and medical conditions. She has had a total of 35 kids, both short and long term. She holds guardianship of biological sisters. She served as president for East River Foster Parent Network for many years and currently serves as a voting member. She has 6 kids at home permanently while continuing to foster.