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Directions to Inspiration Hills: Directions to Inspiration Hills Camp

Map of Inspiration Hills: Map of Inspiration Hills

Map of Campground: Campground Map

Conference & Retreat Facilities & Summer Camp Opportunities
If you are interested in our Conference and Retreat facilities, or any Summer Camp Opportunities,we would be happy to send you a Retreat or Summer Camp Brochure. Please contact Jenny at

Year 'round Staff

Norlyn Van Beek, Executive Director

Terry Dozark, Building & Grounds Manager

Laura Dozark, Housekeeping Manager

Jenny Scott, Office Manager

Kristi Palsma, Program Director

Paige Leuthold, Interim Program Director

Eydie Owens, Food Service Manager

Dylan Hoekstra, Marketing Program Director

James Koller, Buildings & Grounds Assistant

Dave Heilman, Advancement Coordinator