Church Administration, we encourage you to enjoy a day away designed specifically with you in mind! Take time to retreat and to network with other area churches!

Speaker this year is Beth Heerspink. She is a graduate from Moody Bible Institute and now does full time ministry in Lincoln, NE at F Street Neighborhood Church. She spends most of her time being a mom, a friend, and a mentor to women and youth in the church along with being the Director of the Immerse Program. Immerse is a ministry trip that challenged and inspires young people to be passionate about God and compassionate toward their word.

During our time together, with Beth, we will explore Jesus’ heart for His Father and the incredible ministry that flowed out of that relationship to produce transformed lives. As our ultimate model for ministry, what principles from Jesus' life can we more faithfully apply to our own lives? How can out own hearts and actions be a greater reflection of His? How can we be refreshed and renewed in our love for people and willingness to sacrifice for the cause of Christ? My hope is that you will go away challenged with practical principles from the life and ministry of Jesus that you can implement into your own life--and that application of those principles will ultimately lead to life-transformation and healing.