10th - 12th Grade Camps


Campers entering 10th-12th grade

CHIPS (Christian. Hearts. In. Powerful. Service.) is two unforgettable weeks of your summer! Yourfirst week is focused on servant-hood, leadership, and your relationship with Christ.The second week ishands-on counselor-in-training challenge. You will be placed with a counselor to be mentored and strengthened in your faith. Not only will you have fun, but you will be guided in developing your prayer life, learning to share your faith with others, practicing living in community, and add to your understanding of God's love for you!


Application Process for CHIPS/ Wranglers

Applicants must be 15 years old and entering their Sophomore or higher year of high school.

Step 1: Fill out registration form from the brochure or online and send in with total or partial registration fees.

Step #1 Form

Step 2:Fill out Step #2 Information Form and Reference Form. Send Information Form to Inspiration Hills and have your Reference Form be sent to Inspiration Hills by the person filling it out.

Step #2 Form

Step #2 Reference Form

Step 3: We will look over applications and send a letter for approval of your acceptance into the CHIPS/Wrangler program.

Dates and Prices